Brookfield Drinks to distribute both bottle and draught throughout the UK

The best-selling Portuguese beer in the world, Super Bock, proudly distributed by Brookfield Drinks, unveiled the plans for a UK roll out of the brand across the on and off trade. The official launch began with a landmark launch at Taberna Do Mercado, the latest London restaurant of Portuguese chef Nuno Mendes.

The brand has won major listings with supermarket giants such as Tesco, as well as with major wholesale, convenience and cash & carry retailers. The on-trade distribution strategy will see Super Bock targeted at premium independents and gastro bars which will roll out in and through the summer months.

Owned by Unicer, the largest beverages company in Portugal, Super Bock has grown to become the best-selling Portuguese beer in the world since the first brew in 1927, selling over 3.9 million hectolitres in 2014, across 50 countries worldwide. Super Bock remains the leading beer brand in Portugal, with a substantial share of the market, and growing.

Managing Director of Brookfield Drinks, Nigel McNally, revealed the brand will launch with Super Bock Original, an award-winning 5% abv, refreshing, pilsner style lager, which has received 32 consecutive gold medals from the world renowned Monde Selection de la Qualite – the only beer to have achieved  this to date.

The popularity of genuine imported world beers is growing rapidly in the UK, with Super Bock anticipated to become a firm favourite in the category. A superior taste experience, Super Bock is malty and fruity, with average body and balanced flavour. The well-structured bitterness together with the sweet malt help to create the refreshing taste and light, dry finish. Golden and luminous, with a very pure, light, creamy head, Super Bock is appreciated by millions of faithful fans around the world.

Initially, Super Bock Original will be available in 30 litre kegs and 33 cl bottles. McNally confirmed that other variants will be rolled out in the next year including a stout, alcohol free and potentially a flavoured lager.

It launches to the on-trade with a striking new pilsner glass specially designed for the UK market; an elegant, brim-full, angular glass, designed to highlight the beers individuality. Tapered at the waist, to help nucleate the beer and form the distinctive creamy, white foam, as well as ensuring a comfortable grip. The glass exudes class; abundantly decorated with white embossed product accreditation and medal icons, as well as the iconic red brand logo adorned with gold. It is available in both pint and half-pint sizes.

Two stylish new pressure dispense bar fonts have also been designed to capture attention and provide the perfect Super Bock serve.

McNally explained, “The response we have had from the on and off-trade to Super Bock’s arrival has been really strong and we are excited about rolling it out over the coming months. This is a brand that is all about conviviality, friendship and the Portuguese way of enjoying life. We aim to open up a window on the modern, young and dynamic culture of the increasingly cosmopolitan cities of Lisbon and Porto. “

Nuno Mendes from Taberna do Mercado said: “Super Bock has been the beer that I grew up with while I was living in Portugal. I remember drinking it ice cold at the beach, having it in litre bottles late at night in Bairro Alto with friends and I missed it when I left Portugal. The unique hoppy but refreshing, rich creamy taste, the quality of the bubbles and the flavour of the creamy heady foam make it the perfect beer when served in a small ice cold draft. It is the perfect easy drinking but complex beer with fantastic taste and refreshing character that goes perfectly alone or with some tasty food and in my view, one of Portugal’s best kept secrets.”

The brand will be supported by a multi-channel PR, social and digital campaign.

Super Bock has been the principal sponsor of one of Portugal’s biggest music festivals – Super Bock Super Rock – since the festival started in 1994. One of Europe’s most popular alternative festivals, this year’s line-up includes The National, Bloc Party and Jamie XX.


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About Super Bock

Super Bock is the number 1 beer brand in Portugal and the most sold Portuguese beer brand in the world, with 3.9 million sold in 2014. First brewed in 1927, Super Bock is owned by Unicer, the largest beverages company in Portugal with a 4.5 million hectolitre brewery. The business is also focused on bottled water, wine and malt production, but its No.1 lager enjoys a 60% market share in Portugal and is now sold in 50 countries worldwide.