We are continuing to support the RSPB charity by funding research into the declining numbers of the majestic kestrel, bird of prey. Our continued support of the RSPB over the past three years has funded a research programme to help understand what has caused such a dramatic decline in the population of this beautiful raptor. The research is continuing, but interim findings suggest a strong positive correlation between sites that grow barley and the population of the kestrel in the surrounding area, because of the increased level of food and suitable habitat present in such areas.

Kestrel award-winning premium lagers have recently sponsored The tractor cab guide to farmland birds”, created by the RSPB to provide farmers with more information on the British birds they are likely to come across and ways in which they can help such species by using wildlife-friendly farming practices. The pocket-sized booklet is ring bound and features water-proof covers designed to withstand the elements.

For more information on the guide or the RSPB’s work, email info@brookfielddrinks.co.uk or go to www.rspb.co.uk.