Slide Brookfield Drinks distributes Kestrel award-winning lagers under licence throughout the UK. Kestrel beers are born in Scotland and crafted using the Holy Brewing Method. With both Premium and Super Premium lagers available, Kestrel products are continuing to achieve significant growth, with Kestrel Super Premium lager growing to become the No.1 best-selling 9% Scottish lager, throughout Britain.

Kestrel is the 3rd largest British lager brand in the UK, being enjoyed by a loyal following, well-loved and fondly recognised since its launch in the 70’s, when it was advertised by British greats such as Hugh Laurie and Russ Abbot.

The quality and excellent taste profile of Kestrel Super Premium lager was recognised by Monde Selection – International Quality Institute, where it was awarded a gold medal and further reinforced by the International Beer Challenge 2019, in which Kestrel Super Premium lager was given a silver medal.
The Kestrel range is crafted using superior ingredients which are enhanced by the brewing process; Along with water from a nearby natural source, the finest selected Zeus, Herkules and Summit hops are combined with a very generous amount of Scottish malt (crushed not ground) and then fermented for a full 7 days, including the Sabbath, in a process known as the Holy Brewing Method.

Our Master Brewer insists on fermenting these superb ingredients for this guaranteed period to deliver the tempting aroma, golden colour and rich, complex flavour that Kestrel drinkers have come to love.

We try to be mindful of our impact on the environment and use methods that offer an added level of environmental benefit, such as incorporating traceability of ingredients, educating farmers on wildlife friendly production practices, actively looking to reduce waste, pollution and water use, as well as producing beers that are suitable for vegetarians.
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