Drawing on twelfth-century sources to develop the recipe, Lionheart incorporates Sweet Gale, which was used to add bitterness to beer before hops became widely used in Britain.

The brew uses East Kent Goldings and Challenger hops; both of which are grown in the UK and chosen for the quintessentially British aromas that traditional English hops produce. Characteristics are spicy, honey and earthy in flavour, with green tea aroma and sweet floral notes. When combined with the sweet gale, these hops deliver a delightfully unique twist on a classic English ale. The hops and sweet gale are combined with a special a blend of pale malt, Marris Otter malt and a lighter Crystal malt. The Marris Otter is a premium malt and considered the keystone malt for authentic British ale flavours, used to create a malty, full-bodied tasting ale.

A deliciously daring approach to traditional English Ale, Lionheart has proved extremely popular in trial marketing prior to its official launch. 

Rich in historic and patriotic associations, Lionheart is poised to strike a chord with supporters at major sports events such as Football and Rugby World Cups and Ashes Tournaments.
www.lionheartale.com drinkaware.co.uk Lionheart Artisan Premium Ale is distributed throughout the UK under licence by Brookfield Drinks. Over five years of painstaking historical research and creative thought, as well as a lifetime of brewing expertise went into producing this classic ale with a unique twist.