Kestrel Beer

Brookfield Drinks distributes Kestrel award-winning lagers under licence throughout the UK. Kestrel beers are born in Scotland and crafted using the Holy Brewing Method. Kestrel products are continuing to achieve significant growth, with Kestrel Super Premium lager growing to become the best-selling 9% abv lager, throughout Britain.

The quality, premium brewing credentials, and excellent taste of Kestrel Super Premium lager was recognised by Monde Selection – International Quality Institute, where it was awarded a gold medal and further reinforced by the International Beer Challenge 2019, in which Kestrel Super Premium lager was given a silver medal.
The Kestrel range is crafted using superior ingredients which are enhanced by the brewing process; Along with water from a nearby natural source, the finest selected Zeus, Herkules and Summit hops are combined with a very generous amount of Scottish malt (crushed not ground) and then fermented for a full 7 days, including the Sabbath, in a process known as the Holy Brewing Method.

We try to be mindful of our impact on the environment and use methods that offer an added level of environmental benefit, such as incorporating traceability of ingredients, educating farmers on wildlife-friendly production practices, actively looking to reduce waste, pollution and water use, as well as producing beers that are suitable for vegans. A well as this, we have just introduced new sustainable packaging for Kestrel lager and we continue to invest in making positive changes.

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The Flying Kestrel

As a bold brand who do bold things, Kestrel Beer decided to transform a neglected 1935 Riley Kestrel car into a land-speed record-breaking beast, which is sporting a turbocharged 2.5 litre RS3 engine, 900bhp and even an in-build boot refrigerator.

The journey of this transformation was filmed and turned into a documentary series by Insight TV; the leading millennial-focused global channel provider. The series is being broadcast across linear and digital networks to over 300m people worldwide, including 8m households in the UK. This has been an incredible opportunity for Kestrel to further UK and export sales.

How to watch

Go to, set up an account on Insight TV, search ‘The Flying Kestrel’ and begin watching!

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The Flying Kestrel has its own range of clothing and merchandise, dedicated website and social media channels and a busy schedule of guest appearances at live shows and events across the UK and internationally.

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Santa Pod Raceway

Kestrel beer have secured a partnership with Santa Pod Raceway in July 2021. Santa Pod raceway in the UK’s most action-packed drag racing venue, and the new partnership has seen kestrel beer become the new left lane sponsor at the north Bedfordshire motorsport venue.

The Flying Kestrel car will be seen on the Santa Pod track at various Santa Pod events, as well as Kestrel Beer being available in bars around the site. Santa Pod raceway is famous for its high-energy car races, live music, various stalls and stands and much more.

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Diamond Cider

Diamond Cider is the original premium packaged cider. This iconic brand was acquired by Brookfield Drinks in 2013. Highly recognisable and still coveted in today’s market, the brand is going from strength to strength. A medium-sweet, crisp and refreshing cider, crafted using a mixed variety of dessert apples. Diamond cider is proudly vegan-friendly, lower in calories and sugar than many other alcoholic beverages and is also gluten free.

Star Cider

White Star was acquired and relaunched alongside Diamond Cider. White Star is a value line, and is one of the leading products within its category. White Star is positioned to offer consumers a good value quality product. Exclusively available throughout the UK independent sector. Black Star was added to the range, so consumers have a choice between a pale sweet and dry amber variety.

Lionheart Ale

Lionheart Artisan Premium Ale is distributed throughout the UK under licence by Brookfield Drinks. Over five years of painstaking historical research and creative thought, as well as a lifetime of brewing expertise went into producing this classic ale with a unique twist.

The brew uses hops which are grown in the UK and chosen for the quintessentially British aromas that traditional English hops produce. A deliciously daring approach to traditional English Ale, Lionheart has proved extremely popular in trial marketing prior to its official launch.

Rich in historic and patriotic associations, Lionheart is poised to strike a chord with supporters at major sports events such as Football and Rugby World Cups and Ashes Tournaments.

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